Development Plan Chhattisgarh Telecom Circle (2008-09)
Name of activity Plan
Connections Wired Lines DELs 7723(Provide up to Dec-08), 20000
Connections WLL DELs 14334(Provide up to Dec-08), 60000
Mobiles Connections 787500
Pole less activity 70 K
TAX Capacity Expansion NIL
OFC route KM 3754.2
Uncovered Villages 994
MARR replacement 190
Integrated Commercial ,DQ FRS All SSA's
IVRS Computerized Fault booking for all exchanges through IVRS
Internet Dhaba Balance 17 SDCAs to be  Covered
Call Center  Call Centre Started for all SSAs, Integration with dotsoft planned for all SSAs.
Broadband internet Broadband Services to be made available in all Exchange
ISDN Balanced  4 DHQ to be covered by ISDN facility
CLI based internet  Services already started in whole chhattisarh (1st Aug, 2006)
Trunk IVRS Automatic trunk booking & call processing centrally at Raipur for entire C.G. Circle (started already)