( ELECTRICAL WING )
NO. 19 / S.D.E ( E ) / B.S.N.L. /  E.S.D. / BSP /  10  - 11 /  67 BILASPUR  DATED. 1.6.2010
APPROVAL NO    :     EE(E) / BSNL /  BSP / NIT /  10 - 11  /  1 & 2
           The  Sub  Divisional  Engineer  (E)  B.S.N.L., Electrical  Sub  Division, Bilaspur. Invites on behalf of the 
 BSNL seald  item rate tender  in P.W.D. 8 for following works from the approved and elligible contractor who have 
been enlisted in BSNL ( Electrical Wing ) in a category whose financial limit is more than the Estimated cost.
The specialised Agency / Firm who have sucessfully completed three nos. similar works with value not less than 
the estimated cost  during the last three years.
The Contractor shall submit and confirm.
Valid C A 's Certificate regarding filing of Income Tax/Turn Over alongwith Permanent Account Number, Certified copy 
of PAN card and Registration certificate with attested copies as applicable along with application on their printed 
letter heads for purchase of Tender.
List of work complete of the requisite magnitude along with attested copies of certificate, testimonials of their 
satisfactory completion from the Department concerned obtained from an officer not below the rank of the 
Executive Engineer.
The tenderer shall submit the tender in 2 sealed covers marked as cover 1st.and 2 nd. The first cover should contain the 
earnest money deposited in the shape of DD/FDR/CDR/Pay order of a scheduled Bank of Nationalised Bank / 
state Bank guaranteed by Reserve Bank of India drawn in favour of Accounts officer, BSNL Electrical Division. 
Raipur, and the second cover should contain the tender documents.In case first cover is not annexed of Earnest Money
 is not in proper form the 2 nd. Cover containing tenders will not be opened at all.
For the tenderers, intending tp download the tender from the web - site, they shall submit the tenders in two sealed covers
marked as cover 1st. And 2nd. The 1st cover should contain original/attested copies of the credentials in support of fulfilling 
the experience criteria and other documents as per NIT, the tender cost in form of DD in favour of Accounts Officer, B.S.N.L.,
Electrical Division, Raipur and earnest Money in the form of CDR/FDR/DD/BC* of a Scheduled Bank/ State Bank guaranteed by 
Reserve Bank of India drawn in favour of Accounts Officer, B.S.N.L. Electrical Division, Raipur and the 2nd. Cover should contain 
the tender documents. In case 1st cover is not annexed or Credentials submitted by the firm are not as per NIT of the Tender cost  
and earnest Money are not accompained or not in proper form then the 2nd. Cover containing tender will not be opened at all 
and will be rejected. 
The intending tenderers shall invariably sign the undertaking provided with the tender documents. Any failure to do so shall 
result in rejection of the tenders. 
Exemption from payment of Earnest Money and security deposite granted by Chief Engineer, CPWD shall not 
hold good for Bharat sanchar Nigam Limited. 
Tnders with any condition including Conditional rebates shall be rejected forthwit. However tenders with Unconditional rebates
will be acceptable. 
The tender received by post/courier shall not be entertained and opened. 
The tender will be received upto 3 P.M. on the date of opening as mentioned below and opened at 3.30 P.M. on 
the same day. In case holiday is declared on the opening day., the tenders will be opened on the next working day.
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Conditions and tender form can be had from this office which will be issued upto 4 P.M. of the day prescribed for its
sale on any working day on payment of Rs.171/- (Rs.One hundred Seventy one only) I/c SalesTax 
( Non refundable )
            Last date  Last date    
S/N   Name of work Estt.Cost E.M.D. of Appli- for sale of Date of  Time limit
            cation tender opening  
1 Dismantling & reinstallation of Split A/C unit         
  at different exchanges under GMTD/Bilaspur 34580 692 14.6.2010 15.6.2010 18.6.2010 1 month
2 Servicing & repairing of 20 KVA E/A set           
  AT Pondiuproda T.E.   17500 350 14.6.2010 15.6.2010 18.6.2010 1 month
3 Providing 3-phase power supply to         
  LUTHRA SARIF BTS at Bilaspur.   33185 664 14.6.2010 15.6.2010 18.6.2010 1 month
4 Providing 3-phase power supply to the          
  power plant at different BTS at Bilaspur.   27855 557 14.6.2010 15.6.2010 18.6.2010 1 month
5 S.I.T.C. of Split A/C unit with allied works at             
  Newly constructed LORMI T.E.   22075 442 14.6.2010 15.6.2010 18.6.2010 1 month
NOTE :  The E/M must be valid for a period of minimum 120 days from the date of opening of tender . The time limit 
for acceptance / validity of the tenders will be 90 days from thr date of opening of the tenders.
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Sub Divisional Engineer (E)
BSNL,Electrical Sub Division,
Bilaspur (C.G.)
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1.The Executive Engineer (E) B.S.N.L., Electrical Division, Bilaspur.
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